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i am wondering about the comic, so did kaito take parikura with len and miku in the end ? because in the last panel len is only holding one sticker list ? :3c

It was like a time skip thing omF but AAAACTUALLY III”’MMMMmm  PLANNING ON DRAWING THAT SEParately because i thought it’d be cute so adfhapd ssssshhhh

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Anonymous said:

Yaaay thank you very much~ ^^ a little question...what does 'parikura' means? OvO"

omf Purikura is originally derived from the english word “Print Club”

  • Purikuras come in a set of booths! One booth is where pictures of you and your friends get taken!!
  • After that you go to the connecting booth that is the Photo Decortaing Booth!! And you get to decorate the photos on a screen!! After you’re finished decorating, a set a the photos taken will be printed out…!!

UMmm adifjhpda sorry if i’m not making sense hhaha i’m kinda blurry right now adoifhda

BUt yeah!! Read here for clearer understanding!!

And they look like this:


Photo from here!



Picture from here!

I actually got the idea to draw the dumb purikuras comic because i’ve always been really :^) “lmao” about purikuras becausE THEY LOOK SO GIRLY????

BUt then one day my friends insisted that i do a purikura with them and i was reaLLY :  ^  ) “OH FRICK”  anD IT WAS REALLY EMBARRASSING AT FIRST AOIDHFODI

aw but it was actually kinda fun omf DOIFHoidhf

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W-where is the comic O^O? C-can you post it again and don't delet it..? I love it very much

I reposted it just now!! aPAFDPJ sorryyy the last time i deleted it was because i wanted to add more panels but then i got lazy lol

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